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参加日: 2022年5月13日


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:/ Quatroking, this is ubuntu support Hi :) how do you do USB 3.0 with a desktop system? yeh, but I'm using the intel graphics So it's ubuntu Quatroking did you follow the guide? I followed the binary driver howto I followed the instructions on as well Quatroking and still cant make it work? yes It's an 8400M GT and I have a 500 series nvidia too but I did get better performance out of the one built into the motherboard, so I'm not that bothered about it but right now I'm afraid it's not supporting the intel driver this is a fresh install, I just did it yesterday can't remember what I was doing before, but I don't really think I was doing any serious gaming, or even using the computer at all Quatroking you tried to restart and boot into bios, it says the intel driver not working on that? i just checked the bios it's the one from the motherboard didn't see anything about intel on there Quatroking try to disable the nvidia one, and see if it's working then how do I do that? Quatroking in BIOS is it the first thing after POST? Quatroking i believe so okay, be back in a few brb okay, that didn't do anything Intel works just fine NVIDIA has been disabled when I enabled it, I get a black screen when it boots, and I get a black screen after booting




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Wipedrive Pro Iso dalrad

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